JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “くらげのしっぱい・A Failure of A Jellyfish “

A failure of a Jellyfish – くらげのしっぱい


JUST few words before starting.

SENAKA – せなか a back

KAO – 顔 a face

JYOUDAN – じょうだん a kidding

SENTAKU SURU – せんたくする to do washing

OROKA MONO – おろかもの fool

NAGERU – なげる to throw

KARADA NO NAKA – からだの中 inside a body

The monkey is sitting on the back of the jellyfish, swimming in the sea.

The monkey got off the top of the rock and rode on the round back of the jellyfish.

The money is so happy and said.

「All is ready. let’s go!」

The jellyfish carried the monkey and swam until the mid point of the sea.

「The young princes kindly invited me, is that alright to go with empty handed?..」

The jellyfish said

「No worries. It is just fine if you only share your kidney, that is all! 」

After having heard that, the money’s face turned pale.

「What did you say? You must be kidding! Taking my kidney out means that I get killed don’t I 」

The jellyfish said primly.

「That’s correct! The young princess is waiting for your kidney. 」

And then the monkey said apologetically.

The monkey's shocking face

「Sorry but can you go back one more time? I have washed my kidney and hanged it on the pine tree.」

The jellyfish hurriedly said

「Oh my god, that is a trouble. Let’s go back to get it quickly.」

「Yes please, the kidney should be dried by now. 」

When they got back to the monkey island, the monkey quickly jumped on the rock. and he said to the jellyfish.

「Wait here, because I will quickly get it.」

The monkey run to get to the highest point of the rock and told the jellyfish who is waiting at the bottom.

「You are a fool Jellyfish. The kidney is inside my body.」

The monkey is holding a stone in his right hand and about to throw it.

The jellyfish has noticed that he was cheated and regretted. But nothing he can do now.

The monkey got in a mood to carry on teasing him from the top of the rock.

「Hey goofy jellyfish! Don’t you ever think that you can beat me on a test of wits! Get a lost!」

After shouting that he grabbed a big stone and threw it to the jellyfish.

After being hit by the the stone, the jellyfish sadly swam back.

At the palace under the sea, everyone was waiting for the jellyfish to be back. When the jellyfish told an unsuccessful story about catching the monkey, the sea beam said.

The sea beam, the octopus, and other fishes are surrounding the jellyfish,  They all seem to be angry.

「You are a silly jellyfish. You went to get the kidney without knowing what the kidney is.」

The ocean sunfish said.

「Surely, the jellyfish is careless.」

The octopus got angry to say,

「You are so stupid for the crucial moment. 」

Everyone was beating him. A poor jellyfish, his bones are broken in pieces.

It has been said that since then the jellyfish swims with a soft body without bones.

OWARI (the end)


Wow what an interesting story. Is the ending what you were expecting? The story explains to us the reason why jellyfishes has no bones in a funny way. Also the story teaches us few things.

  1. Never take an action without knowing what, why, how you are doing and preparing.
  2. Never give away an important plan. (if we know what is what then we won’t tell obviously)

Mata ne. またね。

Hope you enjoy the story. Thank you for reading it.

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