A Japanese Children’s Song – 童謡 [ Umi] “The Sea” (海) 

Today’s children’s song is called  海・うみ/Umi .

It is very simple lyrics which easily remember. Why don’t you learn and sing!

Umi (The Sea)

Before I tell you about the song, I just want to tell you that here UK we have a fantastic proper summer this year. As a result of that we have a shortage of water though. I visited the seaside called Whitstable last week. Although I was born in Nagano where is surrounding by mountains, I love sea, I prefer sea.

This big potion of Fish & Chips filled me up. Satisfatory!

Ok now let’s listen the song.


1. Umi wa hiroi na okii na The sea is wide and big
Tsu ki ga noboru shi hi ga shizumuThe moon rises and the sun sets
2. Umi wa oonami aoi nami The sea has big and blue wave
Urete doko made tsuzuku yaraWonder where is the wave swaying and going
3. Umi ni ofune o ukabasete Float a boat on the sea
Itte mitai na yoso no kuniwant to go to foreign countries

Now let’s sing!

Hope you will enjoy this song with your children and be able to learn some Japanese words! Please let me know if you enjoyed it or not!


About mkchatinjapanese

I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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