JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “丹後の国のたんよむ・Tanyomu in Tango Province “

Tango no kuni no Tanyomu – 丹後の国のたんよむ


JUST few words before starting.

Tango no kuni – Tango Province – currently in the area of northern Kyoto Prefecture

Kusuriya – a person who sell medicines

Oshiro – a castle

Machi – a town

Aruku – to walk

Utau – to sing

Bachi ga ataru – get comeuppance

A picture of Tango province

Once upon a time, there was a man called Tanemon who selling medicines in Tango no kuni.

Because his name was so long that there was no one calls his real name.

Everyone befriended to him by calling him 「Tanyomu, Tanyomu. 」

One day, Tanoyomu came to a town, where there is a castle, to sell medicines.

「Come on, these are very effective Tanyomu’s medicines. It cures anything like stomach ache, teeth ache, fever, cough, sneezing etc. These are fast effective Tonyomu’s medicines that everyone can take.」

A man is walking

Tanyomu was saying with loud voice, sounds like singing, while he was walking in a street carrying a bag on his back.

There are some people knows him very well already.

「Hey Tanyomu, Good afternoon.」if someone tells him

「Hi, it is a fine day isn’t it!」

Tanoyomu greets with smile.

「Come on, these are very effective Tanyomu’s medicines.」

He walked around in the town here and there selling his medicines.

「There are some noisy voices. 」

Children are gathering in the middle of a street

Tanyomu walked towards the areas where the voices came from.

In a middle of the street, children was making noises.

「I wonder why children are making noises.」

When Tanyomu closed to them children were catching a grasshopper and forcing him to cry.

Children kept saying

「Hey cry, cry.」

and they are poking the grasshopper.

「If you don’t cry we will chop your beard off. 」

「If you don’t cry we will chop your wings off」Some children are threatening the grasshopper.

The grasshopper seems to be scary as he was caught by children.

Aman and nasty looking children standing

The grasshopper tries to run away if he get a chance but he can not run away because children are trying to pinch continuously.

Tanyomu joined them and said

「Stop it! You gonna get comeuppance in the end if you torture any creature.」

The children say teasingly。

「Well Mr Tanyomu. If we do not torture him what kind of good things would might happen to us then?」A child says and other says

「I have never heard that some goods things or bad things might happen with a grasshopper」

And everyone said.

「No one believes that we get comeuppance」

To be continued

Mata ne. またね。

Thank you so much.

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