Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pops) – Ryusei Taxi (Meteor Taxi) by Bell Mainz (ベルマインツ)

流星タクシー (Meteor Taxi)

The Sunday J-pop time again! I came across a fantastic young band. The band is called Bell Mainz consists of three boys came from Kobe. Two vocalists and a song writer. The band united in 2018. After just two years since they were debuted they became very popular in Osaka. This song was released in 2019. The sound of the lead guitar is very smooth. It is very new sound to me. I just love it!!! I’ve just entered a new world today.

This official video makes you feel like going to a beach. It reminds me of Hawaii.

Translated LYRICS

Staring at the sea swinging. It smells like a sweet hair.

Clear eyes and trembling lips

The wide sea does not notice. The flattering sound of a haircut by the wind.

Where did it come from? Since when has it been there?

Let’s leave the answer to later on.

Shall we get going?

I am fall in love with your illusion farther than meteor.

I can fly my feeling anytime but I can not just stop the time.

When you wan to cry please use the cotton hankie.

I am fall in love with your illusion farther than that meteor.

I can fly anytime but just wonder if you call me.

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