JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “ぞうのくしゃみ・An Elephant’s sneezing “

Zo no kushami – ぞうのくしゃみ


JUST few words before starting.

Hana – (はな) – a nose

Kawa – (川) – a river

Taberu – (食べる) – to eat

Hashi – (はし)- a bridge

Mimi – (耳)- a ear

Me -(目)ー an eye

ii hito – (いい人)- a nice person

Yoru – (夜) – a night

Memuru – (ねむる) – to sleep

Samui – (さむい)- cold/chilly

An elephant is carrying a big tree

While the squirrel angling his head

「I just wonder the elephant push down the big tree to eat. 」

The rabbit who was staring at the elephant, 「Oh, the elephant is rolling the tree with his nose and carrying it.」

The monkey shocked and said.

「I think the elephant intends to put a bridge over the river.」

Everyone run towards the elephant.

「Wow, it is a bridge. The bridge was made.」

The monkey was happy and said.

「Because of this, we are able to eat the fruits.Thank you, the elephant.」

The quarrel and the rabbit also said thank you joyfully.

「The elephant is very kind isn’t he. Thanks, thanks. 」

An elephant is putting a big tree over a river to make a bridge

The elephant shakes his ears and smiled.

Something happened at that night.

When everyone was sleeping deeply, suddenly the sound like a cannon echoed.

The quarrel shouted and jumped up.

The rabbit was shaken and said

「What is the sound?」

The monkey angled his head and whispered.

「I do not think that is the thunder.」

At that time, it made a big sound again. Then the village leader said.

An elephant is lying down sleeping in a forest

「Let’s go to the ares where the sound came from.」

When everyone went to the inside of the forest, the elephant was lying down sleeping, and sometimes he was sneezing.

The querrel was relived and said

「Oh boy, that big sound was elephant’s sneeze.」The village leader said.

「It might be cold for him because after all the elephant came from a hot African country.」After having heard that, the rabbit said.

「Let’s bring something to put over him.」

The monkey nodded and said.

「Yep, let’s do that. It would be a trouble if he catches a cold.」

An elephant, a goat, a rabbit, a monkey and quarrels are together smiling.

Everyone put a duvet made of leaves and a blanket made of tale’s hairs over the elephant’s body for him.

The sun started rising and the ares became brighter.

The elephant woke up and was surprised to find out that various things are put over his body.

Everyone is watching over him anxiously by his side.

The elephant who noticed the kindness of all said with difficulty in Japanese he first memorized.


To families

This is the story of how important each person does their best they can to consider others. Above all, it is impressive that everyone made a blanket with hairs and leaves to put over the elephant who made the bridge for everyone. This is not a fair tale but we are able to listen happily to the story of friendship of animals between a hot country and a cold country, Japan.

While I was reading and translating this story, my heart was getting warmer. This kind of simple yet important kindness is needed much in today. And when I read the elephant said thank you in Japanese, I felt how wonderful story this is and the word of THANK YOU makes everyone happy really.

Mata ne. またね。

Thank you so much.

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