JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “ぞうのくしゃみ・An Elephant’s sneezing “

Zo no kushami – ぞうのくしゃみ


JUST few words before starting.

Zo – (ぞう) – an elephant

Kushami – (くしゃみ) – sneezing

Yagi – (やぎ) – a goat

Ashi – (足)- legs

Nagai – (長い)- Long

Hige -(ひげ)ー a beard

Saru – (さる)- a monkey

risu – (りす) – a squirrel

Usagi – (うさぎ) – a rabbit

Dobutsu – (どうぶつ)- animals

A rabbit, a monkey and a squirrel looks surprised looking at four big elephant's legs

This is a story of an animal village at a forest.

One day , a village leader, the goat with a white beard gathered animals and introduced an elephant.

「Well, this is an elephant came from Africa to this village.」

A monkey, a rabbit and a squirrel looked towards the direction where the leader pointed at together. Then they can see four legs and a long nose from the under of tree leaves.

The elephant show his face from the leaves

Everyone surprised and said.

「Wow, what is the elephant?」

The leaves of the tree were roughly moved and the big elephant showed his face from the top. The squirrel was shocked and shouted.


The monkey looked up and said.


The rabbit made his red eyes wide open.

「Looks scary.」

The village leader looked everyone surprising, making a noise so he said.

「The elephant is not be able to speak any Japanese yet so please try to get on with him.」

The elephant pulls the tree with his nose.

The elephant has showed his face from the top of the leaves and vowed.

Three is a river near the forest.

While the monkey, the rabbit and the squirrel are looking at the other side by the river, they are talking. The squirrel said.

「I do not think we can become a friend with him because the elephant is too big and scary. 」

Then the monkey said.

「Yeah , but he seems to be strong. It would be nice if he could make a bridge on this river. 」

The rabbit said regrettably.

「Three are so many fruits. If three is a bridge then we will be able to eat many of them, won’t be」

At that time the heavy sound came and the ground shook.

「Eek. It’s an earthquake.」said and run away.

The sound they though the earthquake was actually the elephant’s footsteps.

When the elephant came to a big tree he twisted his long nose around the tree, and then tried to pull it.

The eventually the tress was taken off from the root and suddenly fell down.

The animals looking at the situation from far away started approaching near by.

To be continued (tsuzuki).

Hope you enjoy the story. Just wonder what will happen in the next episode.

Mata ne. またね。

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