JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “海の水はなぜからい・Why sea water is spicy (salty)?”

Umi no mizu wa naze karai – 海の水はなぜからい


JUST few words before starting.

Gochiso- (ごちそう) – good meals

Mimasu- (見ます) – to see/look/watch

Haitte kudasai – (入ってください)- Please come in

Tabete kudasai – (食べてください)- Please eat

Arigatai -(ありがたい)ー be grateful

Nozokimasu – (のぞきます)- to peep

Amai mono – (あまいもの) -something sweet

Manjyu – (饅頭, まんじゅう) – a traditional Japanese confection.


Mado – (まど)- a window

Akari - (明かり)- light

Shinobikomu – (しのびこむ)- to sneak in

Hyakumanchoujya – (百まん長者)- a millionaire

Fune – (ふね)- a boat

Shio – (しお)- Salt

The younger brother is smiling, there are many good meals lined up on a table

The village people were so happy to come.

「Wow, there are good meals lined up. 」

As the village people are just looking at the meals with unusual looks from outside,

「Well, everyone, please do not stand over there and come in. And please eat anything here without hesitation. 」

The village people said.

「That is so grateful. Shall we eat?」

The village peoples are standing and looking inside a house.

「Let’s do that.」

Everyone enjoyed the meals.

The elder brother, who were peeping the younger brother’s house from the shadow of the pine tree near by, is puzzled.

「How come my brother has suddenly become rich though he did not even have rice to eat?」

When the night came and all village people hav gone back to their homes, the younger brother becomes alone,

「That was very good that everyone was pleased. Let’s eat something sweet. Manjyu (Japanese sweet)、 pops out!」

He said like that and turned the a quern-stone to get a manjyu.

The elder bother is shouting on a boat which is full of salt

The elder brother, who is watching that, nodded.

「I see, now I know what is going on」

When the light by the window of the younger’s house was off and he went to sleep, the elder brother sneaked into the younger brother’s house.

「Let’s get the quern-stone. And top of that, I will take a manjyu too」

The elder brother put the quern-stone on a boat and rowed it.

「If I only have this stone I will be a millionaire」

While he was rowing the boat he was eating the manjyo.

And then inside his month became so sweet that he could not stand it.

So he turned the quer-stone and said

「Salt, pops out.」

The quern-sotne at the bottom of the sea is producing salt

Salt popped out more and more and the boat has been full of salt.

The boat looks like it gonna sink soon.

He shouted.

「Heeeeelp me. Someone stops the quern-stone please!」

It will stop if turn it to the left but he does not know that.

Salt is popping out one after another and eventually the boat has sunk into the sea.

It has been said that the quern-stone is still popping out salt even now, that is why sea water is salty.

The end (owari).

Hope you enjoy the story.

To families

The theme of this story is that we get fortune with a unique stone but someone who try to steal and copy it they will surely fail. In this story because the elder brother did not know how to use the stone properly.

Mata ne. またね。

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