「The Japanese Sword missing for over 70 years」Was In Australia

There was a national treasure Japanese sward at a shrine called [Kagoshima Jingu] in Kagoshima. However, in 1945, after the Second World War ended, it went missing and could not find it. This sword was found in Australia.

The person who got this sword is Mr Ian Brooks. Mr Brooks bought this sword at an auction 4 years ago. As the character which was engraved looks similar to the one at the Kagoshima Jingu he contacted to the Kagoshima Jingu.  

A previous holder before Mr Brooks was an american man. Mr Brooks said [An american army might have brought it from Japan. I want to return it to the shrine after my death.]

The Kagoshima Jingu said [We never thought it would be returned so we are very surprised,]

An actual article at News webs easy for Japanese learner.


[2月25日 12時00分]





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