JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “カミナリのおむこさん・A Son-in-low of The Thunder”

Kaminari no omuko san – カミナリのおむこさん


JUST few words before starting.

Kakekomi masu (かけこみます)- rush

Hishaku  (ひしゃく) -a ladle 

Makimasu (まきます)- to sprinkle

Inazuma (いなずま) – lighting

Migi (右) – right

Hidari (左) – left

zubunure – (ずぶぬれ) -soaked

Yudachi – (夕立ち)- evening shower

A son is sprinkling water and a daughter is making a mirror shine on top of the clouds.

The mother who was waiting for her son rushed into the house.

When Kaminari sama dances cheerfully on top of the clouds, his daughter makes the mirror shine with a flash.

The son takes the water with a ladle and sprinkles some water rapidly under the clouds.

Under the clouds it is flashing the lighting and raining heavily.

The kaminari sama looked at him and said

「Oh you are good at it. If it is ok for you, why don’t you become my daughter’s husband? 」

「Eh. a husband?」

He hesitatingly glanced at the daughter and blushed.

The daughter also glanced at him and seems to be shy too.

And then as she tries to cover her face with the mirror the mirror swung right to left and shined. He also seems to be shy and he is actively sprinkling the water.

Because of that, under the clouds, flashing lighting, thundering, and raining a lot.

The village people who are working at fields got absolutely soaked in the rain.

「It is the much harder rain than usual evening showers. Ah, it is a crash of thunder again.」

「Hope Kaminari sama won’t fall.」

The village people can not stand and run towards their houses.

While the son is sprinkling the water, gradually getting closer to the daughter.

The kaminari sama is dancing cheerfully, a son is standing looking at him and a daughter is sitting on top of a cloud.

The Kaminari sam compares two of them and says with a smile

「You two will make a perfect couple.」

The daughter has bashfully hidden in the shadow of the mirror. At that time, the son who tries to look at her felt dizzy with a lighting of the mirror.  


He lost his balance and fell under the clouds.

When the daughter who are worrying looking at him falling head over heels to the ground , the kaminari san said.

「No worries. That man is safe stuck on a branch of the mulberry. But I thought he would be a nice son-in-law. What a pity.」

A son is being stuck on a branch and his mother is looking at him.

As the rain stopped the mother went out to the field, she found that her son stuck on the mulberry’s branch and being fainted.

「Wake up. pull yourself together!」

When the mother shook his body he has realized and said

「I have failed to become a son-in-low of the Kaminari sama.」

It has been said that since then the lighting has never hit the mulberry filed.

The end (Owari・おわり)

Final thought

This is one of the fabricated stories, there are many similar stories at various regions. The story is similar to ” Jack and the Beanstalk” English story. But instead a giant Kaminari san (The thunder man ) appears in this story. The funny part is to make evening shower occurs.

Hope you enjoy the story.

Mata ne. またね。

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