Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pops) – シルバーグレーの街・City of Sliver Gray by Hiroyuki Namba

City of Sliver Gray

The Sunday J-pop time again!

Today’s song is called [City of Sliver Gray] by Hiroyuki Nambai from 1981.

Hiroyuki Namba (難波 弘之) is a Japanese musician. He has composed for and arranged songs from Japanese anime and video games.

The typical sounds of 80s with funky and disco tic makes you think that this is a song for happiness, however this song is for bitterness and yearning for a lost love and a new romance.

The Japanese romanized lyrics and my English translation

kagami no shita ni ochi teru bara no koomu wa – The rosy comb dropped under the mirror
nidoto kimi no kami ni kazaranai – will never be attached to your hair again

kimagure kaze ni fukarete sugata keshita – whimsical, you were blown by the wind and disappeared.
semete doa gurai wa shimete ike yo – At lease do close the door!

douse mou koko e wa modoranai tsumoridarou – anyhow, you won’t come back here will you, I know.
kokoro midarete I hate you – heartburn, I hate you
I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you

kooru yamiyo ni hitori – being alone at the frozen night
utsurona me tsuki de – with hollow-eyes
hitotsu no misuterii o tokou to shite iru – trying to solve the mystery

boku wa piero no yoni – I’m just like a clown
ai o motomete – yearning for a love
kodoku o mai odoru douke yaku sa- playing the role of the lonely clown

marude medeusa no maryoku ga toketa you ni - as if a spell of Medusa is lifted
hajimete ieta I love you – I could say for the first time, I love you
I love you I love you I love you I love you

biru to asufaruto ni kakoma reta kono machi ni – in the city that surrounded with buildings and asphalt
ai wa munashiku kodama suru dake – a love only reverberates vainly 

I love you I love you I love you I love you

Hope you enjoy the music.

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Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy the song!!!!


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