JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “カミナリのおむこさん・A Son-in-low of The Thunder”

Kaminari no omuko san – カミナリのおむこさん


JUST few words before starting.

Kaminari (カミナリ)- thunder

Omuko  (おむこ) -a son-in-law 

Harau (百文)- An old Japanese currency

Omuko (むすこ) – a son

Tane (たね) – a seed

Kumo (くも) – a cloud

Ki – (木) -a tree

Kagami – (かがみ)- a mirror

A son and a mother are standing at the garden. The son is watering.

Once upon the time, there was a son who was a farmer.

On a sunny day, the son took a aubergines/eggplant seed out of the paper wrap with great care.

「Did you pay Hyakumon (百文) for such a little seed?」

A mother surprised and asked.

Hyakumon is 100 times ichi mon. (一文) so it is a very expensive seed.

「Surely, it will produce great aubergine.」

The son holding a basket is climbing the big tree

He dug the field at the garden just outside their house, sowed the seed and covered with the soil.

He puts water everyday. Soon it sprout. As he gave fertilizer, it grew rapidly and became big just like a tree.

Before you know it, it became higher than the house roof , reached the sky and the top of the tree is covered with clouds, became invisible.

「Wow, it grew so high. where has it bore fruit, I wonder. 」

The mother was taken aback and said.

The son holding a basket came over and said,

「Okay, let me climb to take fruits.」

There is an old man and a beautiful girl standing on the clouds

The son held the stem and started climbing steadily. When he finally climbed on top of the clouds, he found out that there are many aubergines.

「It is a hyakumon seed, As expected, there are many fruits.」

When the son was taking the aubergines off and putting them into the basket, an old man riding in the cloud came and told him.

「Oh I see. These aubergine are yours. Because these looks so delicious I ate some of them as well. 」

「That is not a problem but who the hell you are?」

When the son is looking at the old man with a look of surprise, a beautiful girl with a shinny mirror riding in the clouds came down behind the old man.

There is a house and a big tree, it is raining

「Father, it is a time for you to work. 」

She is looking at the son and smiling.

「Can you help our work if you do not mind?」

「What is the work?」

The old man raised his arm quickly and came out of the clouds, Suddenly he transformed himself into a Kaminari san. (Mr Thunder)

The son was taken aback and said,

「Oh my god, this is a Kaminari sama (Mr Thunder).」

When the Kaminari sama played a drum and started working, it started raining lightly under the clouds.

「Ah trouble, it is a thunder. 」

To be continued (tsuzuki・つづき)

Hope you enjoy the story.

Mata ne. またね。

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