Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – ODAIBA TOKYO BAY (お台場東京ベェイ) By Yushi Nakajima

Sunday J-pop – 「Odaba Tokyo Bay」released on 16 Sep 2021.


A first Sunday J-pop in 2022! How were your Christmas and New year eve? I was eating a lot and drinking a bit (I had been good girl).

Today’s song is called [Odaiba Tokyo Bay] which was released on 16th September 2021. Odaiba is one of my favorite places in Tokyo. Odaiba is a high-tech entertainment hub on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. Looking at the amazing Rainbow Bridge at night it feels like as if I can achieve something! Anything possible going through the Rainbow Bridge to unknown world fearlessly. I do not know why.




作曲:Yushi Nakajima
作詞︰Yushi Nakajima


I can’t fall asleep and my thoughts are superficial
Maybe it’s because I drank coffee in the evening

I watch you disappear into the crowds of the concourse
It’s like milk that melts and overflows in the night sky

Odaiba Tokyo Bay
I want to drown
It emerges vaguely at twilight
I want to confirm my feelings for you
In the window under the bridge, the city lights are starlights
If you imagine, the moon will fly again tonight

If you squint at the smoke and look down at the gaps in the building
The melancholy that appears and disappears may go a little better

I see the taillights of a row of cars heading to Koto Ward
It’s like a parade of the story of returning to the moon

Odaiba Tokyo Bay
Inside an airship floating in the night sky
When I open the curtain, the city lights will spread out
The window that reflects the sexy light in the room
I trace your image with my finger
After dawn, fall asleep deeply

To a sphere wearing a rainbow veil
I’m still in a sweet feeling
It is a carnival that wanders in space-time
The harbor lights will never go out

Odaiba Tokyo Bay
I want to drown
It emerges vaguely at twilight
I want to confirm my feelings for you
Open the window under the bridge, it’s a night cruise
The moon will fly again tonight

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