Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – Toori wa Mada (通りはまだ) By Keisuke Sakamoto

Sunday J-pop – Toori wa mada「The street is still」

Another Sunday J-pop time! How is your Christmas holiday so far? I have been eating and drinking, spending time with love one.

Today’s song is called [Toori wa Mada]. This song was used as an ending song for the film called [The fable 2]. I was immediately fall in love this tune with a gentle voice Kisduke Sakamoto has.

The Japanese Lyrics and My English translation

Toori wa mada

Tuki ga ima kakurenbo – The moon is hiding now

Kaze ga fuite haiiro no kumo ga ooi kabusaru – the wind blows and grey clouds cover it

Toori wa mada kawaki kiranai – the street is still wet

Asufaruto mada sukoshi nokoota ame no nioi – the smell of the rain is still remains a bit on the asphalt

Wake mo naku samishiku nakidashi souna yoru wa kini no koe – the night I feel lonely and about to cry without reasons

Sotto daite kakurete iyo – I gently hold you and hide somewhere

Aitai kimochi ga kokoro o mitashite iku – the feeling of wanting to see you fulfills my heart

Maboroshi demo yasashii nukumori – Imaginary but gently warmth

Yume kata sameru yoni – as if I awaken from a dream

kimi no sayonara ga mata hoho o kasumeteku – your “goodbye” is grasping my cheek again

Gaito ga tayori naku bonyarito – The street lights are vaguely indefinite

Akari o otoshita kaerimichi – the way back with no light

Yokkata kotodake o omoidasunowa dokoka zurui yona – It is rather cheeky to remember only good things, isn’t it

Aitai kimochi ga kokoro o mitashite iku – the feeling of wanting to see you fulfills my heart

Tsunai da yoru wa uso jya nakkata yo – The night holding the hands was true

Bokura wa itu datte wakaranai mirai no koto shinjite – We always believe about unknown future

Demo ituka kimino koto wasurete yukun daro – but someday I would forget about you

Awatadashii hibi no naka de – on the busy days

Ima wa tada omokage nokoshite – now it is just leaving a shadow

Toori wa mada ameni fureta mama – the street still stays in a rain

Photo by George Dolgikh @ on

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!


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