What is it? これなに? Hoshi imo? Dried Potatoes

One of the childhood memories I have is that I used to buy a grilled sweet potato. When the movable shop came, a man used to say 「Yaki imo, yaki imo, ishiyaki imo」thought a speaker so that we all know he was there. Eating a very hot grilled sweet potato was enjoyable thing to do in winters. As I get older I do not much keen on eating it, I do not know.


Today I introduce [Dried Sweet Potatoes]. When the winter approaches a supermarket starts selling those in a package which is similar to the below. My dad used to love them. Whenever we went to a supermarket he always put them in a basket.


Hoshi means to dry and imo means a potato.

Hoshi imo/ dried sweet potatoes.








  • When steam starts goes up, put sweet potatoes inside a steamer, put lid and steams about 40 mins with low heat.
  • When pierce a folk・chopstick if it goes through, stop steaming.
  • While the sweet potatoes are hot, peel its skin. When they are cool down, slice them 7~8 mm.
  • Place a cooking sheet on a tray and put sliced sweet potatoes on it. Make sure they are not top of each other.
  • Cook them in an oven for about 1 hour.  

It is so easy process. Delicious!!! (オイシイー). Why don’t you put them in a clear bag like above and wrap it then give someone as a Christmas gift!

Good luck on making Hoshi imo!!! Look forward to hearing from you how get on with…

About mkchatinjapanese

I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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