Stories of Japanese picture book’s are very interesting but at the same time teach us about a life, just like western’s children’s books. I hope you read this Japanese story to your children if you have and enjoy together!

Warashibe Chouja – わらしべ長者 (the straw millionaire)


JUST few words before starting.

Uma(馬)- a horse

Osamurai  (おさむらい) -a samurai

Nimotsu (にもつ)- luggage

Kawaiso (かわいそう) – feel sorry

Okane (お金) – money

Hatake (はたけ) – fields

Hiroi – (広い)wide, large

Yasashi koe – (やさしい声) -a gentle, kind voice

Shiawase – (しあわせ)- happiness

let’s start!

A man is offering the cloth to a samurai

「Wow, this is a fabulous roll of cloth. It is so grateful that just only three mandarins changed to such a wonderful roll of cloth. 」

When the young man was carrying the cloth and walking for a while, a samurai who was riding a fine horse coming from far away.

The horse carries not only the samurai but also many luggage.

[What a fine horse! But I feel sorry for the horse that is carrying so many luggage.]

When the young man was fascinated by the horse passing by, suddenly the horse collapsed distressfully.

The samurai who was thrown away on the ground said,

The young man is smiling besides a horse on the ground

「How sloppy horse it is! I spent a lots of money on the horse though 」He is extremely angry.

The young man said to the samurai.

[Dear samura, May I have that horse please? Let’s exchange the cloth for the horse!]

「Exchange it for such a gorgeous cloth? Yes, lets do that」

The samurai happily exchanged the collapsed horse on the ground for the cloth.

The young man looked after the horse rubbing with his hand through out the night.

「Are you feeling a bit better? 」

When the young man asked while he was rubbing the horse’s body, the horse suddenly stood up with his feet firmly.

A rich man is chasing a young man who is pulling a horse

When the young man was pulling the horse that became fine and walking toward a village,

「Can you wait a minute?」Someone was calling him from the behind.

That was a richest village headman chasing.

「What a fine horse! Can you exchange it for that filed?」

When the young man looked at the direction where the richest village headman pointed at, the large field is spreading widely.

「I really want that horse.」

「That is fine」

The young man became so happy and exchanged the horse for the large field.

After returning to the village, the young man paid a visit to Kannonsama and thanked to him.

A young man looks surprise hearing the gentle voice of Kannonsama

「Dear Kannonsama, thanked to you. With your great help, I was able to own the large large filed now.」And then, he heard the gentle voice of the Kannonsama.

「That was not only my power but also your kindness that brought happiness to you. 」

The young man worked so hard on the field, and became a fine farmer and a richest man in the village. Then it has been said that he continued paying a visit to the Kannonsama.

Then end (owari・おわり)

To families

It has been said that this is a story appears in the 「今昔物語・Konjyaku monogatari」and 「宇治拾遺物語・Ugishui monogatari」and a story of happily getting marry with a straw and a story of becoming successful with help of small animals combined to become one story. It has been said that the story was widely told. For old people, a horsefly was the creature that bring happiness to them as God servant.

My words – 「Always be nice to all human beings and animals because we never that they could help us. Yesterdays’s enemy is today’s friend. 」

Mata ne. またね。

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