63% Of Tohoku people 「The Tokyo Olympic was not supportive of the recovery」

According to NHK Net News Web Easy, The Tokyo Olympic had a theme of [recovery] to encourage people and support cities where were damaged by the Great East Japan earthquake 10 years ago. NHK took an questionnaire over the internet from 1000 people over the three prefectures in Tohoku where were damaged.

When people were asked 「Was Olympic supportive of the recovery?」then, 11% of people answered 「Yes」, 64%, which was six times of [Yes] ,of people answered 「No」.

「Did you manage to show your appreciation to people around world who had supported after the disaster?」「Did you manage to tell how great your city and foods are?」「Did the games and the touch relay cheer town people up?」The people who answered all three questions as [yes] were below 25%.

An expert has said 「At the areas where damaged, many people are thinking that [recovery] was just used to hold the Tokyo Olympic. It is important for everyone to think about the recovery even after the Olympic.」

An image by NHK


[9月9日 12時00分





My thought

The Olympic ended rather successfully. However, it was mainly for the athletes and some people. So many unused masks and clothes were threw away, which were worth of 500 millions yen. They could have given to Africa or any countries rather than throwing away. In terms of business, Japan missed a great chance and lost enormous amount of money. All came from Japanese taxes. Some Japanese nations were not keen to hold the Olympic anyway and it is a shame to find out that the people in Tohoku were not happy about it. They might have lost confidence and trust in Japanese government now. I dearly hope that the encouragement and the support to Tohoku people will continue for many years to come.

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

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