JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “Hoshitori Meijin/The Expert in Catching Stars”

Stories of Japanese picture book’s are very interesting but at the same time teach us about a life, just like western’s children’s books. I hope you read this Japanese story to your children if you have and enjoy together!

HOSHITORI MEIJIN – 星とり名人 (The expert in catching stars)

Part 2

JUST few words before starting.

Yane –  (やね)ーroof

Shinyo – (しんよう) – trust

Honto (ほんとう)- real, true

bakabakashi – (ばかばかしい) – ridiculous

Sakebimasu – (さけびます) – to shout

Mitoremasu – (見とれます) - to be fascinated

suberimau – (すべります ) – to slip

Massakasama – (まっさかさま)- head and heels

ochimasu -(おちます)- to fall down

jimen – (じめん)- ground

– let’s start!

A man is standing on the top of roof of his house,  There are stats at the night sky.

It became the night. Many stars are twinkling in the night sky.

When Kichigo was on top of the roof of his house carrying the bamboo broom, one or two of the village people gathered. Kichigo looked down and said with a smirking face.

「After all, you guys came」

While the village people were walking and whispering.

「We can not trust him」

「But it looks like the true that the stars are made of gold」

「I havenot came here because I want to money. I’ve just came here to have a look at it out of curiosity」

Kichigo stood up slowly on the top of the roof and said.

A man is standing on the roof with a bamboo broom on his right hand & two men and a woman are looking at him from the ground

「It is about to start. 」

Kichigo raised the bamboo broom high towards the sky and swung big. The village people looked at this,

「It does not even reach at all」

「That was why I said I can not believe him.」

「He is still a big mouth. 」

Everyone was grouching.

Kichigo keeps on swinging the bamboo broom on the top of the roof.

「I will get starts down soon. 」

The village people were astounded by him and said.

「He is such a big mouth」

「This is ridiculous, let’s go home, go home」

A man is sitting on the roof and carrying a bamboo boom on his right hand

Looking at everyone started going home, Kichigo shouted.

「Don’t be so hurry. Shortly I will get them down. I’m ready. 」

When he said that the stars sparkled and flowed slowly. He was so happy and said.

「Yeah I did it. The stars have fallen down. 」

The village people looked up the night sky and were fascinated by the stars flowing slowly.

「Truly the starts have fallen down.」

「If you don’t hurry up to pick them up, the people from the next village will pick them up」

When Kichigo shouted, everyone was running in a hurry towards the areas where the stars fell down.

A man fell down backwards on the ground, stars are going round and round around his eyes.

Looking at that movement, Kingo broke up laughing.

「Ahahaha, the village people, no one knows of a shooting star!」

As Kingo laughed so much that he slipped and fell of the roof backwards.


Head over heels down. As soon as he hit his head on the ground so strongly, the stars popped out of his eyes and started going round and round.

「The stars fell down」

It has been said that he woke up as it is and muttered.

The end (owari).

For families

This story tell us how people are sometimes greedy. If we are told that the stars are made of gold, then we might tempt to catch them. This story shows how human beings are week, foolish and greedy sometimes to too-good-to be-true stories.

Mata ne. またね。

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  1. Great story. There is a lot of wisdom in children’s stories. Thanks for sharing.

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