The Japanese Comics「Golgo 13」201st Book published. Set A New Guinness World Records

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According to the News Web Easy, the 「Golgo 13」is the gekiga (Graphic novel・Japanese comics) which Mr Takao Saito has been continuing on a magazine since 1968. The main character, of which nationality is unknown, is doing activities by using a gun all over the world. Golgo 13 is popular because today’s social problems like terrorism and wars are the theme of this comics.

On 5th, the 201st book of 「Golgo 13」 has been published. So far other Japanese manga, of which 200th book were published, held the Guinness World Records. 「Golgo 13」published more than 200th book.

Mr Takao Saito was saying 「I thought I want to make the [gekiga] so long as there are someone who wants to read it, so I has been continuing making it, and then it just became 201st book. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who reads it. 」

For someone who study Japanese I have provided the actual Japanese article below.

劇画「ゴルゴ13」の201る 世界記録

[7月8日 12時00分]




I am sure many manga lovers know [Golgo13] and looking forward to read its 201st book! Congratulation to [Golgo 13]!!!

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