The Experiment With Mice 「The foods contained too much fat cause less hair」

According to the News Web Easy, the Tokyo Medical and Dental University and the Tokyo University as groups have studied the relation between foods and hairs and have published in a science magazine 「The Nature」.

The group gave adult mice fatty foods and researched what would happen to their hairs. As a result of that, the mice that have been eating fatty foods for a month have lost their hairs. On a contract the mice that have been eating normal foods have not changed much in terms of losing their hairs.

An cell which is under a small skin hole makes a hair. When the group researched properly they have discovered that the mice that have kept on eating fatty foods has become less productive in making hairs as the fat are stored in the cells which make hairs.

The group has said 「We think a similar thing could happen to human beings. In order to prevent from losing hairs, it is quite important to pay attention to what foods we eat. 」

The actual Japanese article

For someone who study Japanese I have provided the actual Japanese article below.


[6月28日 12時00分





I am extremely lucky to have plenty of hairs but after having read this article I will pay much more attention to what I eat dairy.

Thanks for reading.

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