YCU 「The Vaccine Seem to be Effective to Covit Variant 」

According to News Web Easy, a group at YCU, Yokohama City University, has studied whether current vaccines are effective for new corona virus variant or not.

The group has searched the blood of 105 doctors who took the second dose of pFizer vaccine between March and April. And also searched how much the level of antibodies, which protect a body from seven variants, have been made. The variant found in UK, South Africa and India.

89 % of people now has antibodies that protect their bodies from all seven variant. Taking only one dose did not produce sufficient antibodies.

(I just explain the table below.

From top , English variant, South African variant, Brazilian variant, Indian variant, California variant, New York variant, unknown variant and the original variant.)

The people of the group says 「We have found out that if we take the second dose it looks like it will be effective to seven variant, however it does not mean everyone who takes the second dose will have a antibody. We are aiming to search more people」

The actual article from NWE


[5月14日 12時00分]



7つ全部ぜんぶからからだまも 抗体こうたいは、89%のひとにできていました。注射ちゅうしゃが1かいだけだと抗体こうたい十分じゅうぶんにできませんでした。ワクチンの抗体


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