Stories of Japanese picture book’s are very interesting but at the same time teach us about a life, just like western’s children’s books. I hope you read this Japanese story to your children if you have and enjoy together!

A Rolling Rice Ball – OMUSUBI KORORIN おむすび ころりん


JUST few words before starting.

Ojii san (おじいさん)- a old man

Obaa san (おばあさん) – a old woman

Mezumi (ねずみ) – a mouse

Charin (ちゃりん) – a clink

Koban/こばん – a former Japanese oval gold coin

let’s start!

「Woooow, Ahhhhhh, 」

At the button of the hole where the old man suddenly fall, there is a small light in darkness.

[Oh, what is that light?]

The old man walked toward that light. The light continues to a big room.

The big room was bright and there were a lots of mouses in there.

That was a palace of mouses. When the old man entered the room, a king of the palace said 「Welcome to our palace. Thank you so much for giving us the big rice ball」

The big rice ball was displayed on a small wooden stand. There were many mouses around it and thanking him together. 「Thank you ojii san(an old man)」

The king said 「We have not eaten rice for ages. Everyone, let’s eat with gratitude」

As they seems to be so happy that the old has ended up giving another rice ball to them.

Although he was smiling and looking at the mouses eating, he was starving.

There are many mouses standing around a small wooden stand on which there is a a big rice ball.
A old man and a old woman are sitting in their house.

He went home quickly and told his wife that he went to the mountain today and met mouses in details.

「I gave them two rice balls as the mouses were so happy.」

「Ojii san, you have done a very good thing today haven’t you but that was our last rice…」

「Oh, I see… But we still have potatoes at home. Let’s eat them from tomorrow!」

「Yes you are right. Ojii san, what is the wrap you brought?」

「oh, this is a gift the mouses gave me. Let’s open it!」

There is a mallet inside. When he shook it then koban/こばん (a former Japanese oval gold coin) came out of it. a Clink, a clink…

「Wow, these are koban!」

The old man is shaking a mallet from which Japanese oval gold coins coming out.

He shook one more time. A clink again. Each time he shakes the mallet a koban comes out. The old man and the old woman has became extremely rich.

The old man said 「Those mouses may have been a god」

The woman nodded with a smile saying [they must be, Ojii san]

The old man also gave koban to people in a village who were having financial difficulties.

And they lived happily ever after!

The end (Owariおわり)

My view

This story tells us that as long as we are kind to everyone, anything without expecting any return, a great thing comes to you. Always thinking of others, adding values to others is the way to become happy at the end. Hope you like this story and see you in the next story!!

Mata ne. またね。

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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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