Stories of Japanese picture book’s are very interesting but at the same time teach us about a life, just like western’s children’s books. I hope you read this Japanese story to your children if you have and enjoy together!

A Rolling Rice Ball – OMUSUBI KORORIN おむすび ころりん

[kororin] is a phenomime which describes the way something rolls.

let’s start!

An old man is sitting on a stump in a mountain.

Once upon a time, one day, an old man went to a mountain to get a bundle of firewood.

Sun is shining and it is a very good day. Small birds also look enjoy singing.

The old man looked at the sunny clear sky and said 「ah, I’m hungry. Well、let me take a break and have a lunch.」

He sat down on a stump and opened the wrapped lunch box that his wife made. 「Rice balls looks delicious!」

An old man is holding a rice ball in his hand and another rice ball is inside wrap on his lap

There are two big rice balls wrapped in a bamboo leave inside the wrap. 「then, itadakimasu]

He picked one rice ball up and was about to eat. Then what has happened?

The rice ball was slipped out of his hand and was dropped on the ground. [Oh my god, I can not afford to waste the rice ball my wife made for me.]

He streached his arm to pick it up, then the rice ball started rolling down a gentle slop. 「Hey you, wait!, what is wrong with you?」

He stoop up in a hurry, and then chased it.

The old man is running chasing the rice ball which is rolling down the a gentle slop

「Hey, a rice ball, wait!」The rice ball keeps on rolling down the gentle slop. 「The rice ball, wait, wait!」

When a sharp slop appears the rice ball sped up rolling, rolling down further. Although the old man is running chasing it, he can not catch up with it. The rice ball finally stopped rolling when it reached at the bottom.

[What a relief!]. When he was relieved and tried to catch the rice ball it has fallen right into a small hole.

The old man put his hear to a hole and listening.

He put his hand into the hole to look for it. The hole is too deep to reach by hand.

He gave up and took his hand off the hole, then he has heard enjoyable matsuribayashi (festival music) from inside the hole.

He put his ear to the hole. [Well, it sounds very cheerful and I feel like dancing!]

He smiled and started dancing around the hole. The sound of festival music has became louder.

While he was dancing with the music, he slip off his leg and lost his balance. Then he has fallen into the hole.

to be continued. (つづき )

Hope you like it so far and getting excited to see what will happen next! See you in the next blog!

Mata ne. またね。

TO BE CONTINUED (tuzuki/つづき)

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