Stories for children are very interesting but at the same time teach us about a life. If anyone has children I want you to tell some Japanese stories to them, enjoying together!!! A anime picture book is fun and easy to follow its story which is also good for Japanese learner. I have decided to start introducing some of them in here from now on.



Japanese version

There are rice balls on the table, but one white rice ball is separated.

English translatio

1. Tomorrow will be a school excursion. A boy hung a [Teru teru bozuてるてるぼうず], (a paper doll to which Japanese children pray for fine weather) under the eaves and prayed.

“Please make it a good weather tomorrow!”

Beautiful stars in the sky. Tomorrow would surely be a good weather!

The boy said to his mum.

“Please make rice balls for lunch on the school excursion tomorrow.”

“Yes, yes, I’ve already made them. Let’s sleep early!”

“Good night, mum!”

The some rice balls are teasing a white rice ball.  The white rice ball is sitting silently keep his temper.

2. After the boy and the mum slept, rice balls (omusubi) started making noises at the kitchen.

“Wow, wow, hey you, a plain white rice ball. I do not think anyone takes you to the excursion!”

3. A cod roe rice ball and a salmon rice ball dance hand in hand near the white rice ball.

“The most poplar rice balls are the cod roe and the salmon like us. we are on top of the world.”

The white rice ball was sitting silently keeping his temper.

Two rice balls are dancing hand to hand.  Two other rice balls are standing on the top of something and four others are arguing.

4. While a rice ball wrapped with lettuce and a rice ball wrapped with a shiso (is a cultigen of Perilla frutescens), are singing, they are dancing hand to hand.

“We are the rice ball ideal aren’t we”

A pickled plum rice ball says,

“After all, the rice ball have meant the [umeboshi] pickled plum since a long time ago.

5. A tempura rice ball also never given up.

“Now the tempura rice balls originally came from Nagoya are newly on sale. Its popular is raising!”

All rice balls are not giving up saying that they are the No 1!!!

TO BE CONTINUED (tuzuki/つづき)

Mata ne. またね。

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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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