Japanese Radio Exercise – Radio calisthenics (ラジオ体操)

How do spend morning?

After waking up in a morning what do you do? Do you do stretch before a breakfast? First thing I do is to check my body temperature and then drink a cup of warm water. After that I do stretch or do this Radio calisthenics. Sometime I do few hours after the breakfast. Specially morning warm-up exercise is good for me so that my body slowly wakes up for a day!!

Radio calisthenics are warm-up calisthenics performed to music and guidance from radio broadcasts. They are popular in Japan and parts of China and Taiwan. by Wikipedia

When I was at a primary school we used to go to a playground nearby during school holidays. All children gathered and did these Radio calisthenics every morning. When we participated without fails we could get a stamp on a little card we had. At the end of the holiday the children who got all stamps could get a little gift. It was organised by the local community. May be that events was organized at only the areas I used to live but I think it encouraged us as children to participate.

Few years ago, when I went back to Japan I stayed my aunt’s apartment. Although I am not a morning person, she woke up at 5 am and was doing this warm-up exercise while watching TV so I no longer could sleep but joined her.

This Radio calisthenics was very popular in Japan I thin it still is. Some companies do this first thing in the morning before everyone starts working. And in my opinion it is very good idea.

Since Youtube conquered this world we are easily accessible to most of videos. And some old videos are available as well. Thanks to the Youtube. As a result of that, the Radio calisthenics with English subtitled have seemed to be available now and has become very popular around the world.

Would you like to challenge them?

By the time you finished two exercises your body would become warmer, much flexible and stronger! You should not underestimate how effective these are. If you do properly it works! You would probably find your body muscle aching in the following morning.

Let’s continue being healthy to beat any virus!!!

FIGHTO! (Fight and Do Yourself)


Thanks for watching!!

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