Winter’s Words 冬の言葉 (ふゆのことば)


It has been cold hasn’t it! Winter makes us less active, well at least for me. It takes courage to step outside and even walk.. However, may be a perfect time to study at home. Specially due to the pandemic most of us are working from homes or studying at homes. Why don’t you take this opportunity to take up leaning languages you are always keen on to.

I must say that learning Japanese is far more difficult than learning English. While English language has one character of alphabet, Japanese language has three characters of hiragana, katakana and Kanji and grammatically how to structure sentences is totally different from English. For that reasons, it is sometimes discouraging to study. However, learning simple words can be easy way to start.

Today I introduce some simple words which are related to Winter. Do you happen to know them? I state English words, Japanese words, it’s kanji and it’s hiragana.

Let’s try!!!

SNOW yuki 雪 ゆき

RAIN ame 雨 あめ

NORTH WIND kita kaze 北風


FROST shimo 霜 しも

GLOVE tebukuro 手袋 てぶくろ

SNOWBALL yuki daruma 雪だるま


SLED sori ソリ

CHARCOAL FIRE sumibi 炭火 




FIREPLACE danro 暖炉 だんろ

HIBERNATION to-min 冬眠 


DROPLETS shizuku 雫 しずく

ICICLE turara 氷柱 つらら

SLEET mizore 霙 みぞれ

Japanese Onomatopoeia can be used for Winter


We express various sounds, which are surrounding us and hear, in words, that is onomatopoeia (giongo). Compare with English language, Japanese language has much more onomatopoeia. We quite often use them. Describing animated lives, vehicles, human beings, nature and our life style. I have outlined some of them below which may be used to express for Winter. Do you know them?

For example, sleeping calmly and quietly we says “suya suya” to nemuru. Nemuru means “to sleep”.

sleep calmlysuya suyaすやすや眠る
powder snow fluttershira hira粉雪がひらひらと舞う。
sleet falls so hard and wetbicho bichoみぞれがびちょびちょ降る
crust snowgari gariがりがりな雪
light and fluffy snowfuwa fuwaふわふわした雪
snow falls softlyshin shin雪がしんしんと降る
snow falls activelykon kon 雪がこんこんと降る
snow pilling up thick and deepzun zun雪がずんずん積もる
harden snowballs tightlygyu gyuぎゅっぎゅと雪だるまを固める
burn vigorouslybou bou火がボウボウ燃える
Pouring rainza-za-雨がザーザー
wind whizzhyu hyu風がヒューヒュー
shivering buru buru寒くてブルブルふるえる
Droplets droppota pota雫がぽたぽた落ちる
become warmpoka poka ポカポカ暖かくなる
hands are stiffkachi kachi手がカチカチになる
snap the iciclepoki氷柱をポキッと折る
sliding smoothly on a sledsuru suru そりでスルスル滑る

THANK YOU arigato ありがとう

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy and learn something new. Let’s keep on learning more Japanese words!!!

About mkchatinjapanese

I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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