FESTIVE SEASON クリスマスのマストアイテム



A poinsettia is a red (aka 赤) and green (midori 緑). We can see the poinsettias at supermarkets at this time of year! They are associated with the Christmans holiday and are popular seasonal decorations. However, do you know that the poinsettias grow in Mexico and Central America. I bought one above last week and it is dead within the week;(I think I gave too much water) Apparently they love to be kept in the tempurature of 20. Now I bought the second one which is below, making sure not giving too much water. I have even put a wooden chopstick to measure the level of the water inside.

how to take care of the poinsettia

In Japan people don’t celebrate the Christmas but love to eat the Christmas cake and KFC! Apparently, we need to book KFC chickens prior to the Christmas, which is insane , in my opinion, but I must say Japanese KFC taste is certainly differnt from UK’s one and so tasty.

いつから始まった?日本のクリスマス | MELLOW[メロウ]|ワイン生活向上マガジン

How to take care of the poinsettia

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